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Acquisition Strategy

Through an acquisition strategy, Lumeric assists clients with identifying markets that offer attractive acquisition opportunities and evaluating the potential of acquisition concepts already developed by clients.  In both instances, Lumeric works closely with clients to form an understanding of their investment objectives to use as a guideline for assessing the ability of opportunities to deliver upon these expectations.  A program typically includes the following analyses:

  • market forecast
  • market/customer value analysis
  • assessment of the competition
  • degree of viable acquisition opportunities
  • fit with client’s business
  • benefits that could be derived from industry consolidation
  • opportunities an acquisition can create/capture
  • overall potential value creation assessment  


Acquisition Search

Acquisition searches can be engaged as a follow-on to an acquisition strategy or independently.  Typically an extensive number of potential acquisition targets in a particular industry are identified, qualified and prioritized based on a set of desirable criteria developed with a client.  Assessment criteria often include:

  • market position
  • competitive strength
  • level of management’s interest in investment capital
  • growth potential and financial stability

These exercises take 4­­-6 weeks to complete and are priced with middle market economics in mind.