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Lumeric’s competitive intelligence programs are designed to keep clients abreast of changes in their markets in real time in order to proactively fend off any threats and beat the competition to new market opportunities.  These exercises are run on a regular basis or as one-off programs, depending on client needs.  Typically, a panel of buyers (your customers and competitors) is interviewed on a regular basis to capture ongoing views of suppliers in the market, identify potential changes in buying behavior and to understand if these changes represent opportunities or threats to be addressed.  Analyses available include:

  • up-to-date market-size and growth forecasts
  • customer profiling, segmentation and value analysis
  • competitor profiling
  • comparisons of client and competitor performance against key buying criteria
  • changes in competitive position analysis
  • forecast of the impact of changes in buying behavior
  • emerging opportunity and threat analysis (including hidden risks) 

These exercises are most effective when carried out on a regular basis but can also be completed ad hoc.  In both cases, they are priced with middle market economics in mind.