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  • Greg Samios, CEO and President, Wolters Kluwer, Law and Business

    “Ross and the Lumeric team have worked on several critical, time sensitive projects for me over the years. They have always exceeded expectations and delivered an exceptional product on time and on budget. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for my most important projects which require highly analytical and critical thinking skills.”

  • Koshi Okamoto, Executive Director, Corporate Business Development, Hitachi Metals America

    “ Ross Goralnick has provided consistently insightful market due-diligence information that I, as vice president of corporate business development at a major Japanese international conglomerate, have used for diverse strategic planning projects. His research covers strategy review and market assessment related to smart grid technologies, electric car drive-trains technologies, and more. On multiple projects, Ross has proven to be one of the best sources for my corporate development department and has always exceeded expectations. He studies complex situations to address demanding requests and delivers reports on time. Most importantly, his unique approach involves contacting clients, competitors, and industry experts to gather invaluable insights. In short, his analyses are outstanding.”

  • Andrew Strauss, CEO, Skinder-Strauss Associates
    “Ross is a rock star. I used him when I was a Managing Partner at The Riverside Company, for a commercial due diligence assignment. As the CEO of a $25 million litigation support business, I’ve used him twice in two years. First, I hired him to validate our strategic direction which, with his input, we shifted; second, to research and launch a new brand. In all of his assignments, he’s been directly and enthusiastically engaged, and brought in additional outstanding individuals. I’ve always found him to execute on the articulated assignment while, at the same time, thinking broadly with me to fully address the underlying business questions." 
  • Ian Gillespie, Chief Executive, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd
    “I have engaged Ross on a number of projects where I needed both market data and in depth strategic analysis to assist our development plans. He is very quick to fully grasp the client need, helping to refine and improve on the initial brief and then delivers detailed, yet concise, outputs which I have found incredibly helpful at both operational and board level. Although the quality of Ross’ work is very high calibre, he manages to offer a value based pricing model which is tremendously beneficial for smaller companies like mine”
  • Dennis Zabala, Director of Project Development, Southern Power
    “Ross Goralnick, through the work of his company Lumeric Consulting, LLC, provided a market research study for our organization. This study was completed on budget and on schedule. Mr. Goralnick and Lumeric impressed us for their diligence, their depth of analysis, and the ability to listen and understand the needs of our company as their customer. Through the different phases of the study, Mr. Goralnick and Lumeric provided suggestions to improve the value of the final product. For all of the above, we certainly recommend Mr. Goralnick and Lumeric Consulting for any project that requires market analysis, market intelligence and market research.”
  • Danielle Christensen, Event Director, Diversified Communications

    “Ross conducted an in-depth market research project for a struggling product I was managing. Ross' ability to gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of our business and the markets we operate in was very impressive. The interviews he and his team conducted and the resulting research report helped us determine both short and long term goals and we were able to evolve the product into something that was right for the market at that time. In it's new format has been successful, this success was a direct result of working with Ross. Additionally, Ross is professional, timely and personable. My team enjoyed working with him. He is very clear about resources, timelines and expectations and never missed a beat on the project. I would highly recommend Ross for in-depth market research projects.”

  • Michelle Rodwell, Director, Branding and Marketing, Ambius
    “I have had the pleasure of working with Ross on a couple of research projects and have found him and his team to be timely, responsive, insightful and resourceful. His keen ability to analyze large amounts of information and translate it into easy-to-understand findings that can be implemented is nothing short of outstanding.”
  • Jim Glickman, Chief Marketing Officer, Hilco Appraisal Services
    "Having worked in the consulting industry myself for several years, I truly understand the value of a good strategic thinker like Ross.  Ross is the most efficient and productive consultant I have had the pleasure to work with.  He approaches his work in a thoughtful and intelligent manner without ever losing sight of the final deliverable.  Whether conducting a strategic market analysis or executing on an in-depth branding study, Ross always takes the time to learn the drivers of the industry, the key players in the market and the differentiators that can drive true business results.  Ross has an incredible ability to not only design a research project to meet his clients’ needs but also to roll up his sleeves and execute in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Ross stays involved in his projects from beginning to end and always delivers on his promises.  I would not hesitate and look forward to the next opportunity to work with Ross and his team.”
  • Matthew Johnson, Managing Director at City & Guild Kineo
    “ Ross is a tremendously talented and trusted individual who did an excellent job in supporting the development of a business strategy I was developing to transition RBI from a print to online centric B2B media firm. It was clear from the very first project meeting that Ross understood who our firm was, where we wanted to go and how we might get there. He brought comprehensive sector knowledge to the table (so critical in understanding the research) and a deep appreciation of the complexities of change management to develop meaningful recommendations that were actionable. Overall, the process was superbly executed and I am delighted to recommend Ross and look forward to working with him and the team again.”
  • Justin Goldman, VP Corporate Development, MediaMath
    “Ross is an outstanding consultant. He has a passion for high quality analysis and has deep project management expertise. Across multiple strategy projects, Ross always found a way to synthesize a vast array of data into actionable insights. He delivered the right balance of concise storylines for executives with the important supporting details. He was well prepared in advance of kicking off assignments and anticipated the right resources necessary to produce quality results (and then delivered!). Ross also communicated well throughout the process to ensure alignment. It has been great working with Ross, and I strongly recommend you hire him!”